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an exploration of an 8-year old girl's journey through the 1970s; a retrospective glimpse into girlhood in america, from the perspective of a young diarist.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Half in Half For Me

April 14, 1978

Today Jennette was sick but not Nikki. Dino I like him so does Nikki he said he hated Nikki but half in half for me
at the film he acted like he liked me ALOT!!!!!
That was a great day. Plus Justin our old friends came over.

Achievement Test

April 10, 1978

Dear Diary
Plane day
We had
Acheivment test

Track Team

April 9, 1976

Today we went to join up on a track team
that was a ball!

We had acheivment tests

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Secret They Won't Tell Us

Mon April 1, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today Len & Dino had a secret they won't tell us.
I had gymnastics.

A ball Ball BALL!

Sat March 30, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today we went to Patties my cosins wedding the resepshen was a ball Ball BALL!

Our Grandmothers

Fri March 29, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today we were at our Grandmothers.

Aking to Death!

Sat March 4, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today we went sking it was very, very, much fun when we got home I was aking to death!

Dino's Angels

Fri March 3, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today at recess Dino let me, Amy, Jennette play soccer with them. (we think he like us) (he does)
everytime someone hit us Dino would get them. Doug Blue said we were Dino's Angels.

My Dad, Brother and Me

Sun February 26, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today My dad, brother, and me went sking it was fun.

Skying and Swimming

Sat February 25, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today I went skying and swimming.

My Friend Lynda

Fri February 24, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today I went to my friends Lynda Ryan's.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Afternoon Parents

Thurs. February 23, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today we did the play for 1-2 (morning)
(afternoon) parents
(3) afternoon kindergarden.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

To Test the Truth

Wed. February 22, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today our class did a play for the kindergarden. (morning)

(To Test the Truth)


Sat February 18, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today I went to swimming.


Teus February 14, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today was regalar.

Today Was,

Sun February 12, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today was just plane.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

On the Hardwood

Sat. February 11, 1978

Dear Diary.

Today we went to a basketball game with our friends. It was fun. Our team one. Mr. Maloney's.

Friday, February 17, 2006

We Kicked the Boys

Fri. February 10, 1978

Dear Diary,

We played Chase again. We kicked the boys as hard as we could. They thought it hurt.

One of the Best Chases

Thurs February 9, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today at recess it was on of the best Chases. Nicky and I ran and jumped on Dino's back.

Bite Size

Wed. February 8, 1978

Dear Diary,

We played chase agian it was GREAT! Dino calls me bite size or minny size he calls Jennette Smiley and Nicky Fe-Fe.

Our Boyfriend

Tues. February 7, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today we got killed Again.

Our boyfriend is Dino he likes us also (but not Amy)


Mon February 6, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today after lunch at recess me Jennette and Nicky and Amy played CHASE! The boys killed it was a ball!!

Friday, February 10, 2006


Thurs February 2, 1978

Dear Diary,


We watched t.v. Then we tryed to nap but our brothers were making to mutch noise.

Amy And I Were Sick

Wed. February 1, 1978

Dear Diary,

Again Amy and I were sick.


Teus January 31

Dear Diary,

Today I went my to naybors again but her daughter was sick also Amy. We just watched t.v.

My Mom Teaches School

Mon January 30, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today I went to my naybors because my mom teaches school and I was sick.

The Croup

Sun. January 29, 1978

Dear Diary,

Tonight I got the croup. The next day I did not go to school.

Ice Skating

Sat January 28, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today my mom Merrily and my mom's friend Natalie and me went ice skating. My brother went bowling with my dad Joe.

We Had A Party

Fri January 27, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today I went to my friend Amy's house the she came to mine. I slep over her house her brother slep with my brother Jeff. We had a ball. We had a party that night.

We Think He Likes Us

Thurs January 26, 1978

Dear Diary,

Today was very very stormy. Our big huge tree fell down! (NO DAMAG) We were mad becase we had school in library. Me, Jennette, Nicky sat by our boyfriend Dino. We think he likes us! We hope.